Monday, September 24, 2007

Hottie McHotterson

Several years ago my friends and I each picked our Top Three Most Attractive famous people. I'm sorry to report that in my opinion these girls had really bad taste in men. But we were young, we all make mistakes.

Our friend Libby, for example, picked Alan Rickman. You might remember him in all of his pasty glory as Severus Snape. I think Alan Rickman is a fine actor, and I really enjoy watching his films, but if I were picking my TOP THREE hottest men ... no, definitely not. But, then again Libby also had a "poo rag" which she used for quite some time, and so perhaps her judgment shouldn't be anyone's guiding light.

My brain has turned to a pile of mush and I can't remember who made my original top three, and so instead of trying to remember I decided that I should just pick again. You must tell me your three too! Most of the fun of this game is to laugh at who other people think are hot. (Camie, if Adam Sandler is still on your list I really might vomit.)

And so, without futher ado ....

Third Place goes to:

Hugh Jackman

He sings, he dances, he's Australian! One thing we're going to be seeing over and over again is a man with an accent. I loves me an accent. I think Hugh might have been on the original list ... I'm not sure, but I was looking for pictures of my previous Third Place choice, when I ran across a picture of the dashing Mr. Jackman. I immediately ousted #3 and put Hugh in his place. I do really, really love him.

Consequently, serving as an Alternate to Mr. Hugh Jackman's Third Place position is ...

Daniel Craig

I had to give Daniel Craig some props because I can't really remember a time when I've been so bowled over by the unbridled hottness of an actor as I was when I saw Casino Royale. If you haven't seen it, you must. Just know that when you leave the theater all other men will be a little less manly in your eyes.

If Daniel Craig fails in his alternate duties, there is a second alternate ....

Mr. Clive Owen

He's a saucy one, that Clive. Plus I really like his name. Clive. When this old man played knick-knack-patty-whack on five, he came up with one babe of an actor. I also really like that Clive is married to a normal looking lady. That's another common thing with most of the men on my list, they're all happily married. I find the fact that these men are happily married incredibly attractive. I'm weird.

Ok, so enough with the alternates.

In Second Place:

James McAvoy

You might say, "WHO?" Let me school you. This newcomer is rocketing up my list. I first loved him in Becoming Jane, but every time I see him in something new it justifies his presence on this list again. He's completely adorable. And his blue eyes are sinful. Plus, he also shares a quality with my #1 man. He can look really, really bad. Like "This is your #2? Explain yourself" bad. For some reason, when he looks bad, it just makes him even more attractive when he looks good. He's like a foil for himself. It's awesome. I mean, David Beckham looks good all of the time, but where's the fun in that? Every time you looked at him you'd be like, "yep. still hot. this is so boring." Hanging around him would just be depressing. Hanging with James, on the other hand would be exciting and completely wunderbar.

And now, for my #1 Most Attractive Famous Person

Ewan McGregor

I have loved him for a long, long time. He may have been my #1 in my previous list, but I won't swear to that. He's got it ALL going for him: accent, happily married, can look really bad (hello Obi Wan? What happened there?), but can also look SO, SO, SO G-O-O-D! My sister thinks that he's contractually obligated to either sing or take his pants off in every film he makes. I say, Mores the Better! He's free to do whichever he wishes, it won't dethrone him from being my #1 man. I Heart you, Ewan!

Who are your three? (PS. Please don't say Brad Pitt, I don't want to have to divorce you as my internet friend.)


]\[-]{ said...

So, to sum up, you like 'em a little craggy...which makes The Faun as your #2 choice very surprising, very laughable. In a good way.

]\[-]{ said...
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Camie said...

I'm not sure people in glass houses should throw don't have the best taste in men yourself. I'm going to have to take some time on this list thing. Adam Sandler may no longer make the cut. I think Hugh Grant will be staying, although he may not hold the #1 spot this time around.

recovering overachiever said...

OH, I love Clive Owen! He's my number 1!

nckuhn said...

G - it's been way too long since I’ve laid mind on Libby’s poo rag! I am so glad to bring that to the surface. Man, I miss that crazy girl. Why doesn't she have a blog. She has some stories to tell.
PS - if I recall (and I do) the list was for people that it would be okay to DO without sinful consequences.
My list is still almost the same.
#3 Gwen Stephani
#2 Jessica Alba
#1 Mrs. Angelina Jolie (She might be falling soon if she doesn't start to eat soon. She is getting too skinny.)

Gretchen said...

@nckuhn - I'm going to make my fortune writing Libby's memoirs. She is Ca-Razay! Love her! And you're right, it is supposed to be the person you DO ... but i don't know, even without the consequences, that still seems icky.

@camie - You're right, I do have horrible taste in men. I know this. I make up for it by criticizing everyone else's picks. I need therapy.

soundofstilhed said...

Where's the craggy Jake Gyllenhaal? I loved this post--laughter, laughter, and a need to pee. Gotta GO!

]\[-]{ said...

nckuhn: you forfeit your number #3, because it's Stefani.

all: I check back to see who's on whose list, and nobody else has posted any. :(

Nik said...

I've given this question a lot of thought--such an important question should never be treated lightly--and I can't come up with anyone! I think Paul Walker can look quite hot, but he's not an amazing actor. Henry Cahill isn't bad, but I've hardly ever seen him in anything, so does he really count as a movie star?

I hope this doesn't hurt our internet friendship, but I've gotta say, I'm not feeling your list. Daniel Craig is more like Hottie McOldie to me--I cringed at his rendition of James Bond. And I enjoyed whats-his-name in Becoming Jane, but he doesn't come to mind when I think HOT. I guess Craggy isn't my thing.

I'll keep thinking, maybe I can come up with some legitimate answers...

nckuhn said...

no way is anyone taking away my Gwen. She's been on my list since the first time that I ever laid eyes on her. (Lame dance club somewhere in Idaho, I'm just a Girl video, presidents day weekend in 1996)
Also, everyone who knows me knows that I absolutely cannot spell. So that cannot be held against me. It would not be fair.

The Queen said...

Maybe your friend Libby liked Alan Rickman becasue he was in Sense and Sensibility? His character in that film was more than enough to make up for any deficiencies in the looks area. Although Snape is a different story...