Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mad Season

All right you guys, confessional time. Brace yourselves.

One of my least favorite things about myself is my inability to be irrational. Like, you know those people who are able to flip out and act all crazy when they are upset? That isn't me.

But sometimes, I really really wish it were. Sometimes when I'm angry or upset I would love nothing more than to cry until mascara streaks down my face. Or maybe punch a wall or break plates or something. But nope. About two minutes into a passionate frenzy, my rational brain rolls its eyes and asks, "Is this really necessary?" To which I reply, "Nah. Probably not." And that's it. Tantrum over.

This sucks because sometimes you really just want to be able to fly off the handle and throw the entire contents of your closet out of the window and afterward just shrug your shoulders and say, "What? I was mad."

Being level-headed and emotionally mature is so boring.


erin said...

yes yes! this is totally me. i sometimes have these fantasies about throwing water on a guy in a restaurant. doesn't that just look fun?! but i just couldn't do it.

Camie said...

I am totally irrational, but I never really lose it they way I'd like to sometimes, because like you said is it "really necessary?" No.

Leslie said...

i'm the same way. i always tell my husband that he's so lucky i'm not an emotional freaky girl. like my best friend is. :)

Julie said...

hey take it from someone who has to be talked down from the "passionate frenzy" ledge on occasion - count your blessings.

(I'm sure the J-Man shares your feelings of level-headed bordom.)