Thursday, September 6, 2007

Super Fun Time Pool

To celebrate Labor Day this year, we kept up the bi-annual (does that mean twice a year, or once every two years? anyway, we went two years ago) tradition and went to the Super Fun Time Pool!

In the past, folks were apt to call this pool the Ghetto Pool. But I'm veto-ing that. There are too many things that are labeled ghetto around here. Ghetto Safeway, ... um ... ok that's the only one I can think of at the moment. But Maria calls anything within the Silver Spring city limits ghetto. Ghetto Movie Theater, Ghetto Shopping Mall, Ghetto Street Sign. She's a little obsessed. She'd probably call a Gingerbread Village populated by Mr. Rogers and the Lollipop Kids a ghetto.

The point is, that this pool is anything BUT ghetto. It's super fun! When you're there, you'll have a super fun time! Therefore, it's way more descriptive to call this pool the Super Fun Time Pool! (My logic is irrefutable).

Do ghetto pools have AWESOME MUSHROOM SHOWERS? That's right, they don't!

Do ghetto pools have WAY TWISTY WATER SLIDES? Of course not. I went down this slide many times, sometimes with my hands in the air, sometimes not. I'm a wild woman. Also, you will notice the awesome pool toys floating there. I didn't want to play with the snake (uh, DISGUSTING!) I DID want to play with the alligator. But I was shy.

What's this? MOOOORE WAY TWISTY WATER SLIDES?!? So non-ghetto.

The undisputed non-ghetto delight of the Super Fun Time Pool is the Lazy River! Flow on Lazy River of Peace and Zen-like Relaxation, Flow on!

There is a secret Super Fun Time Recipe for Relaxation. It's amazing. Ok, I will tell you.

Take 1 hot summer day, add one Lazy River, and gently fold in Adult Swim time. Bake for 15 minutes.

Results should look like this:

Whoops, looks like an extra helping of LAZY made this batch not rise. Oh well, still VERY RELAXING! And very non-ghetto. And very Super Fun Time!

(can you blame me? Sitting in pilates boat-pose for 15 minutes is hard work, even when buoyed by water and a tube. What do you think? I have abs of steel? Hardly. More like abs of aluminum foil.)

Goodbye Super Fun Time Pool (previously known erroneously as The Ghetto Pool)! I will grace your hallowed water slides once again on Memorial Day.


erin said...

bi-annual is every two years. i only remember this because conference is called "semi-annual" and it's twice a year. anyway, the pool looks awesome. but i have to say, i'd give away every pool-worthy day for an entire summer of fleece-wearing days. down with summer, up with fall.

nckuhn said...

That pool does look super fun! I really wish that I could have been there. Luckyyyyyyy.

soundofstilhed said...

where is this super fun time pool??? I spent the first half of the summer begging friends to let me swim with them at their very little or no avail. I discovered a pool in the Dupont area that has worked fine for the second half of the year, but it sometimes smells like poo. Down with poo.

holly said...

abs of aluminum foil...hah! you make me laugh. what a way to end the official days of summer. yes, where is this pool??

Julie said...

It doesn't look too ghetto to me, (but that could be because we're really into mushroom shower features around here) however it does look surprisingly deserted for memorial day.

Gretchen said...

This pool is in norther Silver Spring, off of New Hampshire. It's one of the Montgomery County rec center pools. Tres nice!

Julie, these pictures were taken at the beginning of the day. Later in the day it was MUCH busier!

liloat said...

Unless at least half of the people at the pool are openly displaying needle track marks, I say it isn't a ghetto pool. That is always my rule for thumb for labeling something ghetto. I mean, really, people get shot lots of places, so that is not a great gage, now is it? Super fun labor day for you!

]\[-]{ said...

Actually, it's both! Biannual means either every two years or twice a year. English is fun.

Here's the lowdown:
semiannual = twice a year
biennial = every two years
biannual = either