Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Watch Out Persimmon

My favorite word is persimmon. I love to say it. Persimmon, persimmon, persimmon.

It has been my favorite word for years now, and I don't keep a favorite anything for more than a few hours. So that tells you how much I love the word persimmon.

But a new contender just entered the ring. May I introduce to you:


It is pronounced just like it's spelled: fih-SIP-uh-rus. Isn't it delightful to say? Fissiparous.

And it has a great meaning! "Tending to break into parts; divisive" ooooo! Can't you just see using that word and amazing the mere mortals around you?

"Fissiparous behavior was their downfall."

I can't wait to put this new linguistic treasure to work. Persimmon, being a fruit or sometimes a color, doesn't get much action as I conduct my daily business. Fissiparous, however, is a word that could get some real play time. How often do I talk about things dividing or breaking into parts? Answer: ALWAYS.

Persimmon, I'll always love you, but you're officially on notice. Fissiparous is younger, sexier, and I think comes with a convertible.

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