Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Rotting My Brain

The Fall Television season is finally here! 'Bout time, too. This summer's television was particularly heinous. I am so OVER game shows!

Anyway, as you know, I don't actually watch TV in real time. I record it, and then watch it all on Sunday afternoon. After analyzing all of my choices, these are the shows that made the recording schedule:

8PM - Chuck (Love the commercial when he says he's working on his 5 year plan, he just has to choose a font. HA! A man after my own heart.)

9PM - Heroes (goody, goody! can't wait!)

9PM - Cashmere Mafia (once it starts in November)

10PM - Boston Legal (love me some James Spader!)

8PM - Pushing Daisies (This is the show I'm most excited about this season!)
8PMLiveViewing - Kid Nation

9PM - Oh no! too many choices ... time for a GRUDGE MATCH!
Private Practice (would this be Grey's overload??)
Bionic Woman (this could be good or really sucky)
Gossip Girl (based on YA books = good, produced by The OC people = bad)

Votes anyone?

10PM - Life (Love Damian Lewis ... hope his show is good.)
10PMLiveViewing - Dirty Sexy Money

8PM - Ugly Betty (I heart Henry!)
8PMLiveViewing - My Name is Earl/30 Rock

9PM - Grey's Anatomy (despite the good news that Isiah "I'm a pompous ass" Washington is out, this show might be on the chopping block. Not sure why, just not feeling it.)
9PMLiveViewing - The Office

10PM - Big Shots (this might not be a keeper, either)

So there you have it. The Fall Line Up. What do you think? Could I possibly be missing anything? What are you watching this Fall?


erin said...

there's not much that excites me this season. i have to admit, however, that i am excited for tonight's season premiere of "america's next top model."

recovering overachiever said...

Remember, the OC was well written the first season (lots of culture references) and okay the second season. I'm hoping to get one good season of Gossip Girl before it starts to suck!

]\[-]{ said...

TV?! #p