Friday, May 9, 2008

Dear Diary ...

I just got an ingenious little book: A 5 Year Diary. Each day of the year has one page divided into five sections. Just write a little blurb about your day, and as the years roll by you can see what you actually spend your life doing.

Today's entry will say:

Despite blatant fishing, I didn't get invited to the developers-only farewell lunch for two coworkers. I consoled myself by sleeping in, "working from home," and taking myself out to lunch at Wendy's. Not a bad trade off! Spent the rest of the day reading Marisa de los Santos' new book, Belong to Me, and am consequently head over heels in love with words and wish I used more unique ones like "litmus test" and "wistful" on a regular basis.

I'm excited for this new journaling approach. Heaven forbid I fail to record the monotony!

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holly said...

that's a cool idea.