Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hamlet al fresco

So one of the things you're going to have to deal with if we are going to be friends is that I like routine. I tend to find the things I like and then I do them over and over again. Fortunately, since we're just internet friends you won't be subjected to things like eating the same salad everyday. But you will notice a bit of repetition in the events I attend. I'm sorry, but there are just some things that happen in this city that I never get tired of!

One such event is the Shakespeare Free for All. Every year the Shakespeare Theater Company performs a play at the Cater Barron outdoor amphitheater in Rock Creek Park. This year they put on Hamlet. And it was awesome, as usual.

I think my favorite thing about this event, besides the freeness of it, and the superb production quality, is the venue. Watching theater outside is always fun, but Carter Barron is especially fun because it just doesn't feel like it belongs in DC. It's entirely too woodsy to fit into this sheet glass and marble city. It's got a real campfire and khaki feeling to it. Every time I go there I just want to pull out my fire-poking stick and start making tin foil dinners.

My second favorite things about this event is the announcement they always make before the production starts. It goes something like this: "Parents, if your young children start to cry during the performance please take them to the wooded area." And I, little devil that I am, can't help but follow this announcement up with, "... which has been stocked with bogeymen."

Yup, I could make that joke year after year.


holly said...

hah! I'll probably laugh at your joke next year too then. that venue is one that I missed the chance to enjoy while there. My loss for sure.

Daniel said...

G you reminded me of two awesome things in this post.
First, Speaking of productions... Do you remember that time that we all went to that ghastly production of the nut cracker? I remember being a manly excited about seeing a balet and getting cultured as I could be(Not very) but then it ended up sucking to high heaven.
Second, you make the absolute, hands down, best tin foil dinner that I have ever had. I think about your tin foil dinner all the time. I'm not kidding. I don't know what you did to the meat, but it was awesome. Do you have a recipe? I'll pay money... but wouldn't have to because you like me so much?