Wednesday, May 14, 2008


So many of you have asked about the outcome of the date I went on recently. Sorry I was oh so mysterious by giving all of the pre-date details and then failing to report on the actual date. This was partly an attempt to make the post a little more intriguing, and partly to cover myself if the second date never materialized.

Well here's the report, albeit belatedly. We went to dinner. We had a very nice time. He was a perfect gentleman. We laughed. He carried most of the conversation. I was glad to let him carry it. We both said we wanted to go out again. (I actually was interested in going out again, which practically never happens. Seriously. Never.)

I've learned over my long and rocky dating career, that if there's anything you want to happen you would be wise to keep mum about it. Otherwise it will never happen. And then you have to make up some excuse to tell people about how you never really wanted it in the first place and you are SO RELIEVED that you didn't end up having to deal with it, just so they can't see how disappointed you really are. Believe me, a little forbearance when sharing your hopes and dreams goes a long way in the dating world.

So yes, I was interested in going out again. But days and weeks started slipping by, and while we were still talking on the phone regularly saying things like, "we should definitely go out again soon" and "yes, definitely" somehow it never really managed to get put together.

Until tonight.

Tonight we finally made plans to go out this weekend. Friday, in fact.

Pity I'm sort of over it now. The second date I was eagerly anticipating three weeks ago has deflated like a bad soufflé. Going from the "Fairy tales do come true!" category to the "This might be slightly better than staying home watching Lifetime. But not if there's a Will and Grace marathon." category.

I've come to the conclusion that I am not desperate enough or not patient enough to be good at dating. Either way, I lose interest too fast for my own good.


Camie said...

Ok, a of all I just called you and your phone is off. Second, I hate finding out this info from your blog. Third, I still have high hopes for this second date because I'm working on setting up my online dating profile, which is why I just called you because I need your help. So call me back. The end.

Leslie said...

what what? will & grace marathon? oh i miss that show . . .

holly said...

good use of discretion. I was wondering actually. better luck next time....