Monday, May 5, 2008


Despite the cheery weather (which FINALLY arrived about 3 months behind schedule, thankyouverymuch Mother Nature) I've been a tad depressed. It's nothing to worry about, it happens periodically -- in fact, it's so subtle that I barely notice it's happening.

Main symptoms are:
  1. Eating every meal at Wendy's
  2. Binge reading (strictly Young Adult or Chick Lit - nothing serious)
  3. Avoiding the gym
  4. Sleeping
  5. No interest in work

How is this different from my regular life? Answer: It's not. Which is why my depression is difficult to diagnose. And there I am being all depressed and fatting it up and not even knowing it's happening! It's hard to pull yourself up by the bootstraps when for all intents and purposes life is exactly the same. The general malaise hanging over me is the only real indicator. That, and my total disinterest in blogging. I guess when I'm not interested in my life I can't expect anyone else to be either.

But I'll do my best to pull it together to give you all a sum up of what cool things I've been up to lately. (And then I'll really try to get back on the bandwagon.) Here goes ...

So ... maybe for the past couple of weeks you've been thinking to yourself that something just isn't quite right in the Universe. You can't put your finger on it ... but there's just something. Well, let me help you out. Two weeks ago, Bizarro World met The Twilight Zone met Opposite Day and I joined my company's Softball League. That's right. ME! I'm participating in a TEAM SPORT! By my own will and choice! And it's like totally fun!! I know - it's just weird. And what's even weirder is that to date I have not ONLY gotten on base every single time I've been at bat - I am the only one on the WHOLE TEAM who has! If I had known I had this secret sporty side I would have honed it a little bit more and would probably be the only woman player in the MLB by now. Sheesh! Makes me wonder what other secret talents I've neglected. So anyway, that's why the Universe is all wiggin out. It's totally my fault.

In other more normal news, I went to see the National Symphony Orchestra at the Kennedy Center last Thursday. They were doing an Artist Profile of Aaron Copland, who, if you aren't aware, is one bad-ass of a modern composer. He did the "Beef, It's what's for dinner" song. I overestimated the time it would take me to get to the Kennedy Center, so I had plenty of time to feel superior while I stood on the terrace and watched the crew boats race up and down the Potomac from Georgetown.

The program was really great. They had a narrator give the highlights of his life and then the NSO played portions from each of his pieces. I haven't been to the NSO for a while and I'd forgotten just how great they are! I was sort of impatient with the talking portion of the program and wished the orchestra played more. That's the former cello-playing geek in me shining through.

The only annoying part of the program was that I was sitting next to a couple who were whispering to each other. When the narrator would start talking about a famous piece they would whisper in unison: "yesssssss!" And I would look at them like, "Puh-lease. Anyone can like the famous pieces. Come back when you've got some real taste." You see, even though I have absolutely nothing to back it up with, snobbery just feels like the right response.

And that's about it. I'm trying to think of what other highlights there are from the past two weeks. But I haven't been doing that much. Unless you count eating at Wendy's (6 times) and reading teen fiction (6 books) and avoiding the gym (went 2 times). And that, my friends, is a full schedule when your life is set to "maximum slack mode". I'll try to be more timely (and interesting) in the future.


Camie said...

Hey I went to the symphony in LA on Thursday...weird. It's like we're doing the same thing on opposite coasts.

Thad said...

Did I know you once fancied yourself a cellist? If so, it had entirely slipped my mind. Indeed probably the greatest insult one cellist could offend another with! As for me, I'm more a jello-ist than I am a cellist these days. Oh well.