Wednesday, January 9, 2008

And The Last Shall Be First

I signed up for Blockbuster's answer to NetFlix (Total Access) a few months ago and up to this point I have been very pleased with it. I like being able to take the video into the store for that "instant gratification" factor. I like how quick and reliable the deliveries are. And I like that the DVDs are in pretty good shape. It's been a pretty positive experience.

I should have known that some idiocy would surface sooner or later. For months now they've been dutifully shipping the #1 item in my queue. But today I got a notice that they had shipped item #2 in my queue. Generally, this wouldn't be a problem, but item #2 is Disc 2 of a Two-Disc set of The Thorn Birds. (Just to be clear, item 1 was Disc 1). And call me crazy, but I'm just not interested in watching the end before I get to watch the beginning.

So, now I'm all conflicted. I don't know if I should watch the second disc first, OR if I should send it back immediately, get disc one and put disc two back into my queue (in the first position, of course). Option 2 sounds good ... but I hate waiting. And what if they still don't send the right disc? Oh man, this is hard.

Anyone got any other brilliant ideas to counteract this colossal display of moronitude?


holly said...

If they have it in the store I'd go down and get Disc 1 "in person" just this once so you don't have to wait. if that's not an option I'd re=que it and watch it in order. but that's just me! I'd probably also call and complain and see if you get a kickback for them ruining your order.

erin said...

shouldn't they have programmed some sort of logic into their system so that they avoid this? it seems with all the TV being rented these days, they'd try to understand this. i'd send it back, or do as holly suggests.

Camie said...

I'd go to bb and rent #1 so I could watch both back to back in the correct order.

Nik said...

I do the Family Flix version of Netflix, so I've been concerned about this very issue. I make sure to include a little parenthetical aside stating my preference to only received disc 2 of a 2 set series after I've received disc 1. It should be obvious, but alas, it apparently didn't occur to them.
There's no way I'd watch disc 2 before disc 1.
I like Holly's idea to complain. I'm all about the appeasement freebies.

soundofstilhed said...

Appeasement too! Call and complain. Be stern and sincere when you let them know that you have been inconvenienced. By no means should you accept anything but a full month of free rentals!