Monday, January 7, 2008

I (hate) Vitamins

I am the worlds worst vitamin taker. I know this because I have a trucker hat with the words World's Worst Vitamin Taker on it.

I haaaaaaate taking vitamins. It is one of those things that I decide I should do and so I buy a bottle take about 2 of them, and then fall out of the routine. About four years later I'll pick up the bottle only to find that it expired in 2001. I'm not exaggerating about that. Last fall I had to teach a young women lesson on "being healthy" and taking vitamins was one of the suggestions. So I said, "Well, I better practice what I preach" and went to the medicine cabinet and pulled out a full bottle of vitamins that expired in 2001. Meaning that it, like Mustard, came along for the ride on at least 4 moves. Unlike Mustard, I threw these nasty vitamins into the trash with a glint of triumph in my eye. Nasty vitamins!

The thing is, I should really be taking vitamins. I'm not known for being the most ... er ... nutritious eater. I didn't drink milk throughout my entire 20s, so unless there's a LOT of calcium in cheese pizza I think I'm in trouble.

Hi there, Osteoporosis. I'm Gretchen. I'm introducing myself now because we're gonna be good friends.

What I want to know why they can't make vitamins more fun to take? I think I'd be much more excited about it if they had Flintstone's vitamins for adults. Don't adults need to be bribed with purple Dinos and pink Wilmas too? (yes, they do.)

This vitamin problem is just one example of how getting old and having to take better care of your body is completely devoid of joy.


Miss Hass said...

I have the same problem. Perhaps it's because I always throw up if I take them in the morning, meaning I have to take them at night. But who can remember to take vitamins at night?

Leslie said...

i say, just get yourself some flintstones vitamins and take those. it's gotta be better than nothing.

were you aware that they also make gummy worm vitamins? maybe you could just take 2 kids' vitamins per day.

think about it. :)

Slice of Pink said...

I totally take the gummi vitamins from Costco.

Salt H2O said...

2 words- Vitamin Water. I love the stuff and it's so much easier to drink than plain old h2o. Don't be decieved by the Sobe Life Water, go to costco and buy your self a case of Kelly Clarkson's favorite beverage.

nckuhn said...

Vitamins can be a bit tricky. Not enough of the right ones can be bad. What most people don't know is that too much of some is not a good thing either. Ex. sometimes the reason for vomiting after taking one is because your body is rejecting too much of something that it's not deficient in, in the first place. Another problem could be that most Women’s Vitamins contain some kind of hormone, also encouraging the vomit reaction. A child’s vitamin is an excellent choice, even for adults.
F.Y.I. – Flinstone Vitamins also contain folic acid (important for a healthy pregnancy) so all you women that can’t keep a folic acid vitamin down because of morning sickness… a Flinstone will work so much better and still provides you with what you need. My wife’s O.B. took them for all four of her own pregnancy’s.

erin said...

hmm...i guess i just don't understand why this is hard. is it just the remembering or the nasty taste? you take pills when you get a headache, right? i take them because i know my meager diet doesn't come close to having enough calcium nor iron (and all the other crap i know i need but don't even know it). but i've never found it as troublesome as you have. good luck.

holly said...

swallowing that huge multi-vitamin IS icky. I make myself swallow one right before or after I put my contact lenses in because I do that almost every day. usually after because then I can actually SEE the bottle. but I'd be all about the flintstone or gummy ones. candy first thing! yay!

]\[-]{ said...

I take my kids' vitamins. The bottle reads: "Children over 4 and adults: 2 tablets daily." Of course, Flintstone's and their ilk are too expensive for me. I'll take the inexpensive chalk filler anyday!
Also, here's to healthy eating (good grief)!

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