Thursday, January 17, 2008

Wherin I Get Served by a Kiosk

Don't you just hate it when you go to the airport, and you walk up to the kiosky thing to get your boarding pass, and it has the audacity to tell you that your flight has already departed? And you're all like, "UH, HELLO kiosky thing, my flight doesn't leave until 10:25, and it's like 9:15. So why don't you go ahead and spit out that boarding card, thankyouverymuch."

And then the kiosky thing gets all up in your face and says, "There IS a flight leaving at 10:25, but YOUR reservation was for the flight that left at 6:30. ThankYOUverymuch. Goodbye."

And then your all like, "WHAT-EV-AH ! You're just a brainless kiosk, what do you know? My massive brain distinctly remembers the 10:25 flight. Here, I'll even SHOW YOU that I'm on the 10:25 flight ... " and then you pull out your printed itinerary, all ready to shove it the kiosk's LCD face, when you see that um, .... yes ..... uh ... "Well, even though it SAYS 6:30, clearly someone has been mucking with the reservation since there's NO WAY I'd ever book a 6:30 flight when there was a 10:25 flight available."

oooooouch. That's rough. I hate it when that happens.

Not only is this a stark reminder that I should engage in reading my itinerary from time to time, but also that flying standby can be a real hassle. And also, that I'm an idiot.

It has cleared a few things up for me though.

First, I now know why Orbitz called me with my flight status at 3:30 in the morning. I couldn't figure out why they were calling me 6 hours before my flight ... usually it's only 3 hours.

And secondly, I really need to look into getting a personal assistant to keep track of all of this crap for me. Clearly I can't handle it solo.

I'm off to Vegas on Sunday ... let's hope I can get my head screwed on straight for that trip.


Salt H2O said...

Heads up- it's been ridiculously COLD in Vegas.

It could be worse: I checked my online reservation for a flight in March that I booked in October to find that Delta had moved the first leg of our flight, but wasn't planning on telling us. The flight from SLC to ATL was scheduled for March 11th, and the flight from the ATL to Puerto Rico was scheduled for March 8th.

Go figure.

soundofstilhed said...

more time to enjoy Michigan!!!

erin said...

you know, i have never met anyone who misses flights more than you. even if it is only the two i can recall, i just don't know anyone who has done this!

Camie said...

I booked a flight for my mom to visit once and then took her to the airport A DAY LATE for her flight home. I paid for that mistake. Who can be bothered with what time the plane leaves when there are so many more important things like sleep to worry about.