Thursday, January 10, 2008

Is It Spring Already?

I just read this quote by Carson Kressley. (You'll remember him as the loud crazy one on Queer Eye) He said,
"If you have and organized closet and a balanced checkbook you can rule the world!"

He's so wise. And look! Look what I did! I refolded all of my sweaters, organizing them by style and color. I know! I'm a little in awe of myself, too.


And After:

I refound a whole bunch of sweaters by doing this. It was like I gained 1/2 a wardrobe! (You might also notice that my shirts are also organized by color. I did this a long time ago. But I highly recommend it ... it's easy to maintain and feels like you are shopping in your own closet when everything looks so pretty!)

I got so energized by my tidy closet that I decided that I would also tackle the china I had strewn all around my desk. I unpacked it last year to see how much I had inherited from my grandmother, and well, just never got around to putting it away again.


And After:

This still needs a little pretty-ing up, but seriously, it's a MAJOR accomplishment to have even cleared up the space.

It's a whole new world here at Chez Gretchen. I'm going to try to be more dedicated to cleaning. Because I really like it when my house is clean. And I'd be clean all of the time, if it weren't for the fact that my dislike of cleaning is kind of a bully. So things get ... um cluttered. And messy. (And hairy. Holy cow ... I have long dark hair, and it is all over my apartment. I can't believe I'm not bald. Fortunately, if I do go bald, I have plenty of hair on hand to make myself a wig.)

To keep things tidy, but not deprive my slothful self, I've decided to follow this cleaning regimen and devote 10 minutes a day to cleaning. A lousy 10 minutes of scrub-a-dub-dub and then I can go back to watching Gossip Girl. My little matchbox apartment will be sparkling in no time!


Miss Hass said...

I love the organization!

I have the same hair problem. I actually have to vacuum my bathroom floor at least once a week to keep from getting totally grossed out.

Nik said...

You inspire me! I think I'm going to try to fit in a little closet organization this week.
I know for a fact the 10 minute clean thing wouldn't work around here. My kids have undone an entire day of cleaning in a matter of seconds in the past, so I'll just keep on with the messy, I guess.

holly said...

fantastic! before and after pictures are so inspiring. Nothing like a freshly organized desk to empower you.

I like that 10 min cleaning, only with my 2 tornadoes I'd have to do 10 minutes in EACH room to make any headway. Right now I throw any toy into the crazy family room and any piece of laundry down the hall. Fortunately no one comes over very often so it's okay for now.... ; ) The kitchen is my domain at least since the kids can't reach the counters yet. THAT I can keep clean.

soundofstilhed said...

A + B = C. China becomes a printer. I need a printer. I will clear my table and a printer will appear.

erin said...

oooh, my closet is clean AND my checkbook is balanced! i wonder what i'll do first, now that i'm queen of the world.

probably hire someone else to do those things for me.

Ruth & Ryan said...

My closet is not so organized but I feel better because at least everything is in it that belongs there. That's a plus, right?

I just find with so many other things and bodies to keep clean it is tough to even think about cleaning the closet.


Margaret said...

I, too, was amazed by the transformation of china into a printer. Does that work with other electronic devices, or just printers?

]\[-]{ said...

You sillies, the printer was under the pile of china all along!