Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I'm Seeing Stars!

Could I be MORE in love with this sweater?

No, I could not. Not unless it was free and came with a lifetime supply of Diet Coke.


Camie said...

I love it too. Where did you find it, I want one.

Camie said...

I also want my body to look like that in it!

Gretchen said...

BlueFly, baby, BlueFly. The image is linked. The brand is C3.

A lady I met in Vegas had one from the same brand: gray with plum skull & crossbones. (you know how i love gray! I practically stole it from off of her body.)

This is definitely a brand to watch!

Jenn said...

hi there! I stumbled upon your blog today while scouring the web to see if it's acceptable for me to take kids Flintstone's vitamins (no definitive answer to be found). turns out you live just down the street from me! I got a kick out of your SS posts, particularly the shooting one. that was an interesting night on Thayer Ave.

anyway, just wanted to say hi. :)