Friday, January 4, 2008

Put on Your Party Hats

Today is the big day. The day I leave 32 behind and turn ... gulp ... 33.

In honor of it ALSO being National Trivia Day, and I since I love trivia, I thought it would be fitting to provide some interesting bits of trivia about me, my birth, and my birthdays. On this, my 33rd birthday.

  • I am a Saturday's Child and thus work hard for a living. (This isn't the same thing as being a Saturday's Warrior, just in case you were wondering.)
  • I was the first of my parent's seven children to be born on their due date. If I hadn't been born on my due date I would have been either "loving and giving" or "bonny and blithe". Both would have been more rewarding than having to work hard for a living, I'm sure.
  • I am the first of my parent's seven children that my dad saw born. That's why I'm his favorite.
  • My dad almost missed my birth because he wasn't expecting me to arrive on my due date, and had gone on Ski Patrol. But I waited around for him. I've always been accommodating that way.
  • I was born at 9:30 at night. Obviously, a Night Owl from the very beginning.
  • The last time I was in a hospital was when I was born.
  • I share a birthday with Michael Stipe of R.E.M, Patty Loveless, Dave Foley, and Julia Ormond.
  • The first American Ice-Skating club was formed today in 1850. In consequence, Michael Stipe, Patty Loveless, Dave Foley, Julia Ormond and I all LOVE ice skating.
  • In third grade I got a pair of ice skates, two porcelain unicorns with golden horns, and a sweater which had a key-hole opening (I thought it was really risque, and almost never wore it).
  • I have had only ONE birthday party with a piƱata. A sad deficiency, I think.
  • I had one birthday party at the Skate Castle Roller Skating Rink. I got a baton.
  • When I was 12 my parents let me choose between having a party or a fancy dinner. I chose the fancy dinner. We went to Red Lobster. I had the lobster. In retrospect, it was not fancy.
  • I turned 23 and 24 in Chile. On my 23rd I spent the day bawling my eyes out and scratching flea bites. My 24th was marginally better and included cake.
  • Angle Food cake (with confetti) was my birthday cake of choice until I learned about cream cheese frosting. Then it was Angle Food Cake (with confetti) and cream cheese frosting.
  • My birthday presents were usually presented in the bag of the store from which they were bought. I didn't mind. It made unwrapping them go much faster.
  • I wore a Cookie Monster Sugar Cookie recipe shirt to my 3rd birthday party. This is the only childhood birthday party I have any pictures of.
  • I have a lot more pictures of my birthday parties now that I'm an adult and much less blond. I'll even take some tonight when we go to the one restaurant in DC that might have good Mexican food. They make the guac right at the table, and if that's not a step in the right direction, I don't know what is.
I'm sad to not be 32 anymore. But I think 33 might turn out all right.

Happy Birthday to Moi!


Miss Hass said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Oooo. Chilean flea bites... Yuck. I celebrated my first Christmas in Chile with flea bites that scarred, I scratched them so much.

Leslie said...

well happy happy birthday gretchen dear. ;)

my daughter would kill for vintage porcelain unicorns. still have em? :)

soundofstilhed said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (late)!!! I can't believe I have been reading your countdown and didn't pay better attention! That's what happens when you get caught up in being busy I suppose. Love Rosa's Mexicana though! I hope you had a wonderful evening. Many happy returns of the day!

holly said...

happy be-lated 33rd gretchen! your birthday trivia made me laugh, and not just because I'm still up at an insanely late hour. hope your dinner out was good. I'm sad we never discovered Rosa's Mexicana while we were still there.

erin said...

that's right...happy birthday a toi! you'll have to let me know how that mexican place was. but remember, 33 is odd, which is in and of itself, WAY AWESOME (complete with mustache curl).

Julie said...

Happy belated girl! I know 33 is going to be good to you. Guaq made right at your table - now that's starting things off right.

Julie said...

p.s. What's the story with that "sugar cookies" turtle neck your wearing?